Think Kids

A Better West Virginia Begins With Its Kids

We’re assembling WV-specific news and information that addresses the needs and concerns of the pediatric population. Contact us if you have suggestions. 

Think Kids was formed out of both inspiration and necessity. We have witnessed the steady decline of kids’ health in our state– specifically over the last 10 years and due primarily to the effects of the drug crisis– and are inspired by the incredible work that many communities around our state are doing to respond to the increasing number of children and families in need of health care and social support. 

We’re reminded when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke at the March on Washington in 1963: For every little boy or girl in America whose health lies in the balance, there is an urgency of now.

If you agree– that we can’t wait any longer to unite in our efforts in responding to the health care needs of West Virginia’s kids– we hope you’ll join us. Let us know what you think. Engage. And act. 

You may already know our founding members; they’re prominent figures in both health care and kids’ advocacy fields in our state. You’ll be be reading more from us in the months to come, as we articulate our message, plan our next steps, and of course, leverage funding, to urgently push sound policy reform to address the urgent needs of West Virginia’s kids. 

So we hope you’ll join us. Grab an oar and jump in the boat. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, email We’d love to hear your thoughts. And keep checking back over the next few months.