What We Do

Our Values

1. We work to ensure that generations of West Virginia’s kids grow up healthy.

2. We work to connect parents, guardians, and care providers with resources and services that ensure that kids are raised in healthy environments.

3. We promote changes to local policies, systems, and environments that foster healthy living and prevent health inequities. Healthy families build healthy communities.


Current Priorities

1. Addressing the devastating effects of the drug crisis on our children’s health. Systemic reform is needed to address the unmet health care needs of affected children in many systems, including health care, public education, child welfare, and foster/kinship care.

2. Improving West Virginia’s health care system for kids. Our state is an historic leader in keeping kids insured, but kids aren’t accessing health services as needed. We also must address our state’s lack of pediatric health care providers, with a priority to mental health care services. We need a public/private strategic plan to bring quality providers to underserved areas of our state.

3. Connecting health care and schools. All children have the potential to learn, achieve and succeed as students, and their academic success is strongly linked to their physical and emotional wellbeing. We will build on current successes to bridge connections between schools and comprehensive health care.

4. Addressing social determinants of health. Our state’s most vulnerable children face health disparities that include poverty, less access to health care, poor environmental conditions, and educational inequities. We must look at their health in a greater context, outside of the doctor’s office. Healthy kids grow in healthy communities; we’re committed to making West Virginia a Healthier Place.

5. Increasing access to health care for children with special health care needs. From early detection to comprehensive, affordable treatment—available to all children—we’ll work to shore up the safety net of services and improve outcomes.