Children’s food insecurity in Cabell County, West Virginia

by Brea Smith Hunger is a language everyone on Earth understands, uniting us all. The sense of hunger links every human being, regardless of where we came from or who we are and reminds us of our shared humanity. It’s undeniable that all 8.1 billion people who walk the earth need food, so why isn’t it accessible to all? Why does food insecurity still exist in 2023?

Hundreds of West Virginians wait for help to keep them out of institutions

In West Virginia, there are more than 400 residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities waiting for a year or more for state assistance that would help them with the struggles that come with their challenges. And the number of people who need help is increasing, but state officials haven’t matched that increase with additional funding.

A great concept worth sharing

I was with Caroline the other day when we encountered an unsheltered person. It was upsetting to her and she had a lot of questions that I answered honestly. We had nothing on us that could be of any help, but Caroline noticed that the woman was very sunburned. We were on our way to a friend’s pool and had sunscreen, so we handed that over to her. The woman was delighted.

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