In early August, Founding Members Kelli Caseman and Andrea Darr spent their mornings at Camp Appalachia, touring the *167 acre* campsite with Jared Davis. Imagine an EMT/firefighter/youth pastor purchasing a campsite (with his church) in faith that he can make a difference in the lives of kids affected by the opioid epidemic.

Two years since they made the leap, they’ve renovated cabins, reconnected power, restored the climbing wall, cleaned the pools, etc. Consider me a big fan. I think you’ll be, too. So check it out, and consider lending a hand:

Seriously, check out their website. Email Jared and ask for a tour. If you’ve losing faith that we’re losing generations of kids to the ravishing of addiction, remember that there are people like Jared out there, putting everything on the line to make a difference. We left inspired, and committed to help.

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