CHARLESTON, West Virginia – Think Kids is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of the winners of Quality Insights’ 50th anniversary grant program, created to support promising and innovative initiatives to improve health and healthcare quality.

Under its grant, Think Kids will implement the West Virginia Wraparound Intensive Support in Enrollment (WV WISE) project, a model of person-centered benefits enrollment assistance that overcomes stigma and galvanizes local programs to address health disparities. The goal is to partner with REACHH, a comprehensive community resource provider, to test this model in Hinton, West Virginia, evaluate its efficacy and impact, and document the successes and challenges. If successful, the organization will look to replicate WV WISE in other rural settings in WV.

Think Kids was chosen among numerous applicants from across the nine states and territories where Quality Insights facilitates quality improvement initiatives. The organization will receive a grant of $14,930.34 to help fund its project.

“We are absolutely enthusiastic about partnering with Think Kids on the groundbreaking WV WISE pilot,” said Quality Insights CEO Sven T. Berg, MD. “This program has the potential to be a game-changer in the way underserved communities access and understand vital federal and state health resources.

“What excites us most is the scalability of WV WISE. If successful, this evidence-based approach will serve as a blueprint for securing additional funding and replicating the program across other rural communities in our state, Berg added. We eagerly await the insights and long-term benefits this innovative endeavor is poised to offer.”

For Kelli Caseman, Think Kids’ Executive Director, the project is one that they have long considered but were unsure could be funded. “We know that stigma often prevents beneficiaries from applying for benefits, and in West Virginia, we generally put the onus on individuals to seek assistance—to navigate these complex systems– rather than on the systems to create a more intuitive and positive process,” she said. “Creating an innovative model of person-centered benefits enrollment assistance in rural communities is pretty outside-the-box thinking, and we’re thrilled that Quality Insights is willing to invest funding to explore this idea.”

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