WV 211 is a free information and referral service, sponsored by the United Way, that connects people to health and human services in their community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It serves all West Virginians of all income levels and locations. All you have to do is call or click. WV 211 can play a critical role in providing information and support in times of disaster, too. So, what’s the 211 on 211? Folks from the United Way of Central WV will join us for a lunch and learn to tell us more and take your questions

Who you are, where you are, with what you have to give– that’s all the kids in West Virginia need from you. And that’s all you need to give to become an amazing advocate! Some of our children face seemingly insurmountable challenges, but the compassion of loving adults in their communities can help them build a strong resilience. Are you up to the challenge? Join us for a panel discussion with leaders and volunteers from West Virginia Court Appointed Special Advocates (WV CASA) to learn more and ask questions.

Dave Fritsch                     Mineral County CASA

Joanne Gregory               Western Regional CASA

Pat Machete                    CASA of the Eastern Panhandle

Patti Burdette                  CASA of the 11th Judicial Circuit

Sharon Iskra                     Western Regional CASA

Alison Gerlach                 Western Regional CASA

Shanna L C Gray              WV CASA

Family treatment courts, also known as family drug courts, use a multidisciplinary approach to serve families who enter the child welfare system due to familial substance use disorders. They’re relatively new to West Virginia and currently only run in certain counties. Join us to learn about where they are, what they do, the challenges and successes to implementation, and plans to expand the model. Bring your questions and ideas.

Stephanie Bond- Director of Probation Services, Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia
Felicia Bush, CEO of Harmony Mental Health, Inc.
Chautle Haught- Family Treatment Court Specialist, Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia
Nick Leftwich- State Drug Court Coordinator, Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia




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