A great concept worth sharing

I was with Caroline the other day when we encountered an unsheltered person. It was upsetting to her and she had a lot of questions that I answered honestly. We had nothing on us that could be of any help, but Caroline noticed that the woman was very sunburned. We were on our way to a friend’s pool and had sunscreen, so we handed that over to her. The woman was delighted.

Food insecurity is “the foundation” of WV’s many health issues. Our children deserve better, and our policymakers must do more.

When I talk to people about food insecurity in their communities, there’s always a need for “more.” More money, more transportation, more volunteers, more fresh food, more organizing, more communication. While hundreds of West Virginians work tirelessly every day to feed their neighbors – often unpaid or severely underpaid – Read more…

West Virginia Poison Center sees continued uptick of adolescent intentional self-poisoning and suspected suicide

The West Virginia Poison Center is reporting an increase in intentional self-poisoning among adolescents, particularly among 15-year-olds— an upward trend that has been largely uninterrupted for over seven years, despite a nearly six percent drop in the population of children 18 years and younger since 2014 in the state. According to Dr. Read more…

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