This is our big thing

Friends/families/colleagues/anybody who knows me, who I’ve told quietly over the past few months about work we’ve undergone to initiate Think Kids, often ask what we’re going to do first.

That’s easy, and hard. Easy to answer, hard to accomplish. We’re tackling the drug epidemic, and how it’s affecting kids. Step one? Get everybody on the same page. Assess what every system, every community, in every nook and cranny in our state is doing.

Step two, share this compiled information. Get everybody working on this problem, with these kids, in the same boat.

Step three, write state strategic plan to address the unmet health care needs of kids affected by the drug epidemic. Make it a group project. Get everybody rowing in the same direction.

Step four, dock our boat at the West Virginia State Legislature and advocate for informed, ambitious policy change. Learn more here.