My name is Ana Lucia Villabona. I am from Camden, DE. I am a lieutenant for Rehoboth Beach Patrol in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I love the ocean and enjoy reading and working out in my free time. I am currently in school and am expected to graduate this spring!

For this project, I will be working with schools and researching the effects of trauma on students. I will be specifically looking into something called trauma-informed schools. There is no universal or standard definition for this term; however, essentially it is the acknowledgment and recognition of trauma and how it can affect students and implementing programs or protocols to help those students. I will be looking at West Virginia’s understanding of this concept and what policies are in place to aid schools. Another point is to learn why a trauma-informed school system is needed. This would be done by surveying people who address trauma in West Virginia’s schools, compiling the responses, sharing results, and sharing on this blog what I have learned. The goal is to learn how West Virginia can expand and replicate what works, address challenges, and find solutions to any problems the state may have in responding to the needs of children affected by childhood trauma.

I am looking forward to this project and sharing the information I learn. I hope to find solutions and help make West Virginia’s schools better able to help their students.

Ana Lucia Villabona is a senior at West Virginia University. She will soon graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an area of emphasis in Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology. 


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